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For a helpful consultation with one of our dedicated staff to see how we can provide help to you or your loved ones, please book a meeting with us by calling 719-539-4396.

Day Care Services


Day Care

Valley to Valley Senior Care Center's Day Care program strives to provide the caregivers a break from the daily routines, and at the same time assurance that their loved ones will receive quality care from a compassionate staff, while the caregiver can have a day to go about their work day, have a few hours to meet the demands of their own lives or just to have time alone.


Our Mission is to offer participants an opportunity to build friendships, enjoy the company of others while participating in stimulating activities in a safe environment.  We  want to afford each participant a place where dignity, confidence, security and independence are assured in a caring environment, adding joy to their quality of life.

Many seniors do not need 24/7 professional management and care but do need supportive services and ADLs (Assistance with Daily Living), either on occasion or even on a regular daytime basis.  The day care program at our Salida facility offers precisely that type of care, in a clean, well-managed, loving, safe, healthy and socially stimulating environment.  In-home caregivers invariably need a break from time to time to pursue personal needs, appointments, or even active employment.   Our day services provide such a break in an environment that is as close to “at-home with loved ones” atmosphere as we can make it.  We do have professionally trained caregivers on duty at all times who can manage guests burdened by a wide variety of health problems including Alzheimer’s disease, dementia, chronic illnesses, or physical disabilities.

At Valley to Valley, our professionally trained staff literally dotes on your loved ones, much the way you would.  We strive to preserve and promote their independence and jealously guard their dignity.  Routine services include:

  • Two healthy, delicious, home-cooked meals each day; from a varied and appealing menu;

  • Fresh and health-wise snacks and refreshments available [but managed] at all times;

  • Administration of medications, medical apparatus management and assistance;

  • Personal hygiene assistance, incontinence management, and vital health monitoring;

  • Emotional health awareness, monitoring, and response management;

  • Craft supplies, encouragement and instruction;

  • Outdoor activities commensurate with capabilities and impediments;

  • Regular interaction with young people, pets, and other visitors;

  • Regular on-site visits of  live musical entertainment;

  • Spiritual leadership, guidance and counselling if desired;

  • Cultural stimulation, personal thought exchanges, games, puzzles, and productivity outlets;


We appreciate whenever our guests can be delivered right to our door for their daily visits, but we do maintain a shuttle van and can often pick up guests at their home, or return them at the end of the day when necessary and within reasonable distances.  


Special Services

Our facilities and licensed staff have consistently passed regulatory inspections with a “no deficiency” rating.  And we have repeatedly been awarded recognition for excellence in a number of specialties including particularly Alzheimer’s care and treatment.  All the while focusing on the general wellness and happiness of the guests that derives from active social interaction, the genuine affection of friends, and being valued and respected as individuals.  Participation in regular outings, field trips (even fishing trips), exercise, music, intellectual and sensory stimulation, as well as frequent and carefully selected, interesting sights, sounds and other sensory stimuli.  The oft-times dramatic responses to chosen external stimulation is continually heartwarming to our caregivers and often opens new windows of memory and cognizance that may have been feared to have been closed forever.



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