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Senior Care Campus

land donated by

Byron Williams 

Thanks to the community spirit,  leadership and generosity of long time resident and pro-active citizen Byron Williams, Valley to Valley Senior Care Center has a site for new Senior Care campus facilities just a mile east of Saguache on Hwy 285.  Many other citizens, the County, and the Town have also come forward with pledges of financial and 'in-kind' materials and services to help build the much needed facility. 

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  Saguache Senior Care Center   Coming Soon

View from the West
View from the East
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Saguache-Phase I:

Site Development:    A 10-acre parcel of land has been donated to 'V2V' to be used for its facilities in Saguache County.  The parcel is located approximately one mile east of the Town of Saguache along Highway 285 on flat ground with direct highway access.   The community has expressed an urgent need for the facility resulting in a willingness to encourage the project in every practical way at their disposal; including proposed waiver of development fees, accelerated entitlement and permitting, teaming on utilities acquisition and extensions, etc.   It is believed that from an entitlement and permitting standpoint construction at the site could proceed within a very few months.  The property will need to be served by a "commercial-exempt" water well, an individual on-site sewage disposal system sized for the contemplated facility, or an extension of Town’s wastewater system out to the site, electrical power, telecommunications and natural gas utilities all constructed in accordance with applicable specifications  and regulations..


On-site improvements will include grading of the site, extension of utilities to the building itself, excavation for building construction, decorative fencing as desired, seeding and landscaping (only if adequate water resources can be obtained) driveway and parking surfacing as needed and signage.

Respite Facility - +/- 4,000 sf:   The basic needs for this respite and assisted living facility will include space to accommodate the following:

  • Entry vestibule (weather seal)

  • Customer Lobby/waiting room

  • Handicapped accessible toilet & bath facilities

  • 4 ea. Assisted Living (AL) rooms w/twin bed

  • 3 ea. 2-person Respite bedrooms w/2 twin bed each

  • 2 ea patient toilet/bath

  • Food storage area

  • Mechanical and storage for maintenance, grounds keeping and gardening tools, supplies, etc.  

  • Laundry

  • Staff break and rest space

  • Library to accommodate both selection and reading activity

  • Dining room:  to comfortably accommodate up to 12 diners, plus serve staff break needs and random access to beverages and snacks.  

  • Commercial kitchen: Food preparation and serving facilities to suit dining and serving capabilities

  • Lounge area: will need to accommodate leisure activity such as reading, tv watching, conversation, games activity all with access to outdoor patios.  Needs easy access to handicapped accessible toilet facilities

  • Crafts & Exercise Room w/ access outdoors

  • Administrative Office

All facilities will be ultra-accessible and user friendly to all varieties of handicaps throughout, keeping in mind that either customers or caregiver employees may be handicapped in any number of different ways. 


Ceilings in lounge area and general purpose areas will be high to keep the feeling open and airy and to encourage peace of mind, quiet enjoyment and ease of observation by caregiver personnel.  Lighting will be variable to stimulate any variety of circumstances for lounging and relaxation purposes.  

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