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Leave a Living Legacy that Lasts

We have come to an exciting place in the future of the Saguache
Campus. We are looking for persons to come on board to leave a
legacy for having helped others in need. Consider Valley to
Valley Saguache Senior Care Campus as the charity/great
legacy place for 2021. We have a community that is rural, that
seniors must be moved out of the area for care. They are not
able to stay rural and enjoy their end days in the tranquility of
rural life and seniors that desire that way of life now... We
desire to let many consider giving to seniors the home, security,
companionship, fellowship, socialization, and campus that is so
needed. Completed it will have one & two-bedroom apartments,
cottage setting in the main building. Valley to Valley Senior
Care is helping to meet the need currently by bring them to our
Salida Day Center. We have received $200,000 in in-kind
donations, land, gifts, but we now need $200,000 for the bank to
help with the loan. It will take $1,000,000 to build. This is a time
when grant funding and bank loans are few. We pray to find
persons that would like to leave a legacy that they helped a
community bring joy to seniors, the ultimate goal is building
without needing a loan. This helps us run a facility that is very
cost-effective as we desire to keep it affordable to all. Legacy
seekers will be remembered throughout time for having helped
meet the need of seniors to enjoy life in the environment they
have known most of their life. A place where seniors can come
and experience the beauty of country life, fellowship, and
socialization the old way…the way of yesteryears. It will be a
full campus when done. Giving now to moving forward.

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CEO, Yvonne (Eve) Braden
Facility Director 
Dementia Specialist Credential
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